Vitamin B3 For Glaucoma

B3 Vitamin Breakthrough in Glaucoma Treatment

Two key facts about Glaucoma and Glaucoma Treatment:

  1. Glaucoma can cause loss of vision
  2. Glaucoma treatment can save sight.

This knowledge helps people to understand the importance of glaucoma screening and early detection as well as adherence to glaucoma treatment schedules.

Of the around 300,000 Australians that live with glaucoma, up to 50% are unaware of the disease1.

50% of those diagnosed with glaucoma don’t comply with their treatment, reducing its effectiveness and permanently endangering their eyesight1.

Now there is a potential new, over-the-counter treatment for this disabling disease: Nicotinamide, or vitamin B3, has been found to have a beneficial effect in slowing the progress of glaucoma.

An exciting US study showed that vitamin B3 was successful in preventing glaucoma, as well as stopping the progression of existing disease. The vitamin supplement seems to reverse the negative effects of aging in the eye, preventing optic nerve degeneration2.

Current research in Melbourne, at the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), hopes to build on these results. It aims to prove that the therapeutic use of high dosage vitamin B3 can be used to support existing therapies for glaucoma3.

As with any treatment of this nature, a GP should be consulted to check for contraindications, however, scientists are optimistic that results will prove that the vitamin B3 can protect the optic nerve cells and prevent them from dying.

It will be a big step in Glaucoma Australia’s 30 year mission to eliminate glaucoma blindness if this humble vitamin proves to be the key to treating one of the biggest causes of irreversible vision loss.

Make it a priority to book an appointment today with Insight Optometrists, Indooroopilly, for a full eye examination which includes a glaucoma test.

If it is found that you have the potential to develop glaucoma, preventive measures can be taken by our therapeutic optometrist, including the prescription of vitamin B3 supplements to protect and preserve your eyesight.


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