Introducing Ugly Fish Eyewear – the exciting range of children’s sunglasses that kids want to wear.

Good vision is important for a child’s educational, physical and social development. While you want to encourage regular outdoor activity for a healthy active lifestyle, you need to ensure they have the proper eye protection against UV damage.

A good pair of well-fitting sunglasses is important for all children for any outdoor play and sporting activities. The frames need to be safe, comfortable and highly wearable, with great appeal to ensure that they are worn when needed.

Ugly Fish Childrens Sungalsses

Ugly Fish children’s sunglasses are polarised for maximum UV protection. Perfect for youngsters with attitude, they reduce the amount of UV reaching your child’s eyes. Specially designed for young wearers, they are also very strong and comfortable. Ugly Fish glasses are fully compliant with the Australian Standard for Sunglasses and Fashion Spectacles AS/NZS 1067.1-2016.

Ugly Fish - Children's & Toddlers Prescription Sunglasses

and plenty more to choose from

These virtually unbreakable sunnies are available in a range of fabulous styles and colours, targeted to the junior market. With ranges of ‘Classic’, ‘Retro’ and ‘Mermaid’ frame styles, there is sure to be something that appeals to your youngster.

Sizes are geared for age groups 1-4 years old and 3-12 years, with funky, fashionable colours and patterns. Come and explore the exciting options and test for yourself the amazing flexibility of the frame temples. You may be able to twist or bend them, but they will never break!

Your child’s prescription can be fitted to the Ugly Fish frame, letting them share the pleasure of trendy sunglasses that both correct and safeguard their eyes. They will enjoy crystal clear vision, without squinting in the sun and you will have peace of mind that your child’s eyes are protected.

Prescription Toddlers & Children’s Sunglasses from Insight Optometrists

The well-regarded Australian eyewear company, Ugly Fish, specialise in sports and motorcycle polarised sunnies and safety glasses for all ages. They are a trusted source of quality eye care products so why not protect your child’s eyes with a pair of Ugly Fish sunglasses.

Choose Ugly Fish sunglasses – specially made to let kids enjoy quality time under the sun. View the range now at Insight Optometrists, Indooroopilly.


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