Testing your child’s eyes

smart-187696__180The main thing on most parents’ minds is the health and well-being of their children. Your children’s eye health is every bit as important as the rest of their physical health. Their eyes and vision should be checked regularly to ensure any problems are detected and treated early.

Here are some answers to some FAQ’s:

Who should check my child’s eyes?

Eye checks should be carried out by your GP as part of a general health check but they will often advise you to take your children to an optometrist where specialised equipment is used to test both their vision and the overall health of their eyes. This is recommended every two years, or more often if there is a family history of vision or eye problems.

While your doctor will treat minor infections like conjunctivitis and your optometrist will prescribe glasses or other remedial treatment for vision problems, both will refer you to an ophthalmologist at the first sign of serious problems.  

Should I take my child to an optometrist, too?

Yes, just as you visit your optometrist to check your eyes regularly, you should do the same for your children. While your family doctor will (and should) check your children’s eyes at every visit, they aren’t necessarily trained as well as an optometrist is. They may also be uncomfortable giving eye exams and possibly the most important reason is that many doctors simply don’t have the time to do complete eye exams.

How can I make sure that my child’s eyes and vision are monitored and cared for properly?

Your first strategy should be to make sure your child’s eyes are checked thoroughly at regular visits to both your doctor and optometrist. Between visits observe your children at home and at the first sign of trouble see your GP or optometrist and get their eyes checked as soon as possible

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We’ll be explaining tips on how you can detect if there may be a problem with your child’s eyes in next week’s blog, so do look out for it!

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