Sun Protection and Maui Jim


With Summer here, it’s very likely that you’ll be heading outdoors more and more! As the good weather progresses, you’ll probably be heading towards the beach! It’s extremely that you protect your eyes against the sun – just as you would your skin.

Of course we don’t want you to be scared of venturing outdoors – after all, sunlight is a natural resource we run out of once a day… Make good use of it, just protect yourself!

Thankfully for us, Maui Jim have brought out a new range of sunglasses, which have just arrived in stock, especially designed to suit climates like that of Brisbane.One complaint we receive a lot is that sunglasses dull colour… here are a few things that make Maui Jim stand out:

  • MauiPassport proscription lenses give you exceptional protection, colour enhancement and clear vision from corner to corner.
  • Maui Jim polarized sunglasses contain three rare earth elements that help you see truer colour,
  • Maui Jim polarizedPlus2 sunglasses eliminate 99.9% of glare on water from every direction – now you can enjoy the millions of shades of blue (and if you look closely enough some reds) found in water!