Suffering from blurred vision?

If you struggle to see things in the distance, or find it hard focusing on road signs, billboards or kids sport score boards, it is possible you have shortsightedness (Myopia). Shortsightedness is a very common eye condition affecting 1 in 5 Australians. It causes distant objects to appear blurred, while close objects can be seen clearly.

Myopia a hereditary eye condition. So if you or your partner have it, unfortunately it is most likely your child will have it too at some point.

Cases of shortsightedness can range from mild, where treatment may not be required, to very severe, which can significantly affect vision over time. The symptoms of shortsightedness often start between 8-10 years of age and gradually worsen until the eye is fully grown. Children often struggle with this condition for years before it is detected – often finding it hard at school to see the blackboard, whiteboard or generally play sports or participate in anything that requires them to see anything at a distance. They are not likely to speak up about their struggles as they may either feel embarrassed in front of their peers, or (which happens frequently) don’t even realise that something is wrong. It is for this reason that it is so important for regular eye tests – not only for adults but for children too.

Eyes should be tested regularly with an optometrist (optician) as your eyes develop and change through the entirety of your life. Not only are the benefits of treating eye conditions early clear but it also forms good habits for your children later in life.
A qualified eye doctor can measure the extent of your blurred vision, determine the cause and offer solutions to improve your vision. Fortunately for Myopia there is a large range of treatments available from simple exercises to frames & contact lenses to corrective surgery.

Insight Optometrists are experts at treating both adults and children. In fact, we have a special examination and treatments to enhance children’s vision and school achievement.

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