Book your optical fitting with our experienced Optometrists

At your optical fitting, a friendly and knowledgeable Insight optometric assistant is always on hand to advise you on various frame choices. We will help you select from hundreds of finely designed and exquisitely manufactured quality designer eyewear and sunglasses frames from brands like Lindberg, Oroton, Morrissey, Gucci, Dior and many more.

While choosing the perfect pair of frames at your optical fitting is based on a variety of factors, such as your particular ‘look’, lifestyle, personality and budget, the starting point is always the shape of your face. View our Face and Frame Shape Guide below for an overview of frame suggestions and then read our info-packed article on how to choose the perfect frames for your face.

Insight Optometrists’ Face & Frame Shape Guide


Oval Face ShapeMeasurement: length of face about one and a half times the width
Frame shape: many frames will suit, not too deep or narrow, walnut-shaped or as wide/wider as the broadest part of the face
Celeb examples: Julia Roberts, Jude Law


Round Face ShapeMeasurement: similar face width and length, especially at cheeks and forehead
Frame shape: narrow, slightly angular or rectangular, wider rather than deeper, high temples and clear bridge to widen eyes. Avoid very rigid angles
Celeb examples: Kate Winslet, Jack Black


Square Face ShapeMeasurement: face width and length about the same, with strong angles
Frame shape: narrow, minimalist, soft,  rounded, ovals or rimless to soften angular lines of face
Celeb examples: Sandra Bullock, David Beckham


Triangle Face ShapeMeasurement: narrower jaw with wide cheekbones and/or forehead
Frame shape: cat-eye, rounded or rimless, accented colours and detail on top outer edge for balance
Celeb examples: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Justin Timberlake


Rectangle Face ShapeMeasurement: face longer than width
Frame shape: deeper rather than wide, contrasting or decorative temples, low bridge to shorten nose
Celeb examples: Sarah Jessica Parker, Keifer Sutherland


Diamond Face ShapeMeasurement: face widest at cheekbones, forehead and jawline narrow and about the same width
Frame shape: rimless, oval, cat-eye or distinctive brow lines with detail
Celeb examples: Liz Hurley, Robert Pattinson