Ronit Furst – Unique Colourful Eyewear

Ronit Furst – Unique Colourful Eyewear

Original, fresh and innovative, Ronit Furst hand painted optical frames are the most creative and colourful eyewear in the world.

A household name in Israel, Ronit Furst is an artist, sculptor and designer. Having created many original artworks, she turned her hand to ceramic design and launched a unique crockery line in 1986. In 2002, Ronit Furst optical frames burst onto the market in a blaze of colour and originality. Uniquely hand painted, they have revolutionised modern eyewear in the way they allow expression of individuality.

The Ronit Furst Story

Having worn glasses since childhood, the artistic Ronit painted her frames one day in an attempt to add personality and colour to the plain spectacles.

This prompted an amazing response from friends, family and even complete strangers who would stop her to ask where she bought her cool eyewear!

Ronit’s husband, Ehud Bibring recognized the business potential and the end result is the Ronit Furst range of stunning eyewear that today boasts over 3,000 colour and finish options.

Quality Works of Art

In Ronit Furst frame development, absolute priority is given to the wearer’s comfort. CNC machining of every design in acetate ensures an accurate, well balanced and perfectly proportioned end product.

Frames are then prepared for painting, which includes a resurfacing treatment that smooths them, followed by thorough cleaning to remove any particles of dust or residue.

The base colours of the design are painted on and allowed to dry before further layers of embellishment are added in the form of additional colour touches and fine patterning. On some designs, an ancient process is used to apply gold and silver leaf on the final paint layer to guild the glasses for extra-special adornment.

Once the design has been built up, a protective coating seals the frames to make them scratch resistant. This can be either a shiny crystal finish or a sandy matt effect.

This complex manufacturing process is what makes Ronit Furst frames the exclusive, man made, works of art that are treasured by their wearers.

As individual as you are

There is a Ronit Furst frame for everybody! With a range of flattering shapes for every face, each design is available in a multitude of different paint colours and patterns.

Available with prescription lenses or as sunglasses, these specs add artistic flare to your personality.

Never dull, this eyewear is designed to look different from any angle. Funky, graduated colour schemes, in asymmetric designs, create quirky, individual styles. Fine detail finishes and gilt embellishments turn these functional handmade pieces into works of art.

Select a Ronit Furst frame to match your style or personality, or choose several for different moods or occasions, and enjoy the reaction and compliments about your new look. Wearers have reported receiving more smiles when they are wearing their colourful, individual Ronit Furst frames!
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