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Who is Ronit Furst?

Ronit Furst is an artist and designer who hit the optical scene with a bang, proving she is a name to remember by introducing her eloquent, stylish range of hand-painted eyewear to the world. For the past 20 years, she has created hundreds of breathtaking works of art across a range of industries, shooting her to stardom in Israel, and later becoming a household name internationally. She began designing eyewear 11 years ago and her unique creative edge is certainly brightening up the optical industry.

The frames that exudes elegance and beauty!

Dubbed as the range of eyewear that truly allows one to expresses their individuality, Ronit Furst has created a small, authentic work of art for everyone. The frames for the fashion-conscious lover of handcrafted beauty has received the recognition it so deserves, recently winning the title of Best New Product at the 2012 Vision Choice Awards. Each frame is an artistic delight in itself, brilliantly designed and carefully hand-painted, ranging from leopard spots and zebra stripes to bright and refreshing colour combinations. So, revitalise the office, turn heads on the street, and certainly assert yourself with a pair of these stylish, beautifully elegant frames.

Ronit Furst Frames

The Ronit Furst range features an extensive selection of shapes, colours, patterns and styles.

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