Relief for Dry Eye Syndrome

With the increased use of digital screens being commonly cited as one of the major causes of Dry Eye Syndrome, you may be surprised to hear that a technological breakthrough in the form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is the subject of tests for providing treatment and relief of the condition.

If you are one of the approximately 20% of Australian adults that suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, you will recognise the symptoms of red, itchy eyes that frequently feel dry or watery or have a burning sensation.

Possible causes of Dry Eye Syndrome include conducting excessive screen work, wearing contact lenses or working in air conditioning and artificial light. The increasing incidence of patients with dry eye symptoms means that new solutions are being sought to relieve them.

Insight Optometrists conduct Dry Eye clinics to address the growing number of cases, applying several advanced treatment techniques. These include the use of IPL treatment which has shown promising results in preliminary studies for the treatment of dry eye syndrome caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction.¹

Treatment using Pulsed Light

IPL has brought new hope for sufferers, with research showing improvement in tear film quality and reduction of dry eye symptoms² after as few as three sessions.

Originally developed for treatment of dermatological conditions, the heat produced from focused light eliminates problematic flora on the eyelash margin that can cause Blepharitis and Dry Eye symptoms.³

Safely bursting light pulses at very specific wavelengths, between 500 and 800 nanometres, allows it to be absorbed by dilated blood vessels.

If you suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome, four to six IPL treatments, spaced a month apart, may assist in relieving the condition sufficiently to reduce reliance on artificial tears or eye drops.

An affordable alternative to heat and compression treatments, IPL is more comfortable for most patients and has the potential to achieve lasting results.

If you suffer with Dry Eye symptoms and would like to find out more about possible treatment options, including IPL, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation and thorough assessment with our resident optometrist.

Call Insight Optometrists today to take action regarding your Dry Eye Syndrome and look forward to enjoying comfortable, clear eyes every day.

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