Relax lenses for your eyes while working on digital devices

Relax lenses for your eyes while working on digital devices

Optical specialists are reporting significant changes in eye test result patterns, across all generations, coinciding with the growing use of digital technology, enter Relax Lenses.

Children are often more myopic (short sighted) than their parents which, due to the fact that they share the same genes, is disturbing. This is mainly ascribed to the amount of time they spend looking at digital screens and close objects, rather than focusing on images in the distant and intermediate range.

While their eyes are still developing, young children require at least 90 minutes outside, every day, stretching their eye muscles to view things in the far distance and on the horizon. Using only a limited range of focus for a large part of the day leads to myopia and there is also a growing trend of eye strain cases in youngsters.

Relax Lenses – eye care for our digital lifestyle

Changes are also being seen in adult eye health. With most people spending more than 5 hours a day using computers and other digital devices, many up to 10 hours per day, patients are presenting with headaches, blurred vision and dry, tired eyes.

The eye has to adapt to focus in front of digital screens, working harder to read small text and view often distorted images in a far more limited field of view than is used in normal everyday vision. This additional effort required to focus on close objects for such a large portion of the day is causing a relatively new condition that has been named ‘digital eye strain’.

Rest your eyes regularly

When spending a lot of time in front of a screen, whether for work or play, a break of at least a few minutes every hour should be taken in order to relax and refocus they eyes. Children must take a break as often as every 20 minutes to protect their young eyes from eye strain and ensure proper development of their vision.

In practice, this is not easy and sometimes impossible, however, research shows that eye fatigue can develop even after only 2 hours of close screen viewing.

Eyes become tired and uncomfortable, affecting vision and making concentration difficult. Tensing or leaning in to focus on small screens can lead to further complications such as neck or back pain.

Lenses that relax your eyes

Thankfully, lens technology has advanced to keep up with our new digital age and there is a solution available that can relax and protect your eyes.

Special screen protection glasses feature an enhanced lower portion of the lens that eases eyestrain when reading at close distances and viewing small screen devices. These innovative lenses allow the eye muscles that are used for close up viewing to relax and focus easily all day long. Eye fatigue and strain is reduced, improving visual comfort, even after several hours of close work.

Contrast is also increased when looking through these lenses, irrespective of the brightness setting of the screen, so images are clearer and more defined, reducing the work needed to be done by the eye. The result is improved eye comfort, relaxed vision throughout the day and clear eyesight at any range of distance.

Excellent lens design technology means that protection is achieved without any distortion or ‘swimming’ effect and these special lenses also have the bonus of an anti-reflective coating that further eliminates the possibility of glare.

To end the day with your eyes feeling as fresh and comfortable as they did first thing in the morning, even after hours of screen work, ask Insight Optometrists about the new range of relax lenses.

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