With frames designed in California, Raen sunglasses stand out as inventive and unique due to their inspired use of modern materials and shapes. What is more, they are ideal for our sunny Queensland lifestyle and climate.

The preferred choice for women’s and men’s sunglasses lenses, Raen frames are fitted with polarised lenses manufactured by the industry leaders in protective lenses, Carl Zeiss Vision. This guarantees 100% UVA and UVB protection from harmful rays, protecting the eyes on the brightest of days.

These specialty sun-protective lenses are highly resistant to abrasion and perfect for fitting into the handmade acetate frames. Tough, yet optically perfect, Raen sunglasses lenses are also resistant to gamma radiation, material fatigue and temperatures up to 100°C. A polarised coating further helps to reduce glare from reflective surfaces, keeping vision clear and easy, with no sign of strain.

A Great Fit Every Time, All the Time

With the flexibility to provide optimally comfortable eyewear for all wearers, Raen sunglasses can be adjusted to fit any face shape. Their strong, wire-cored, frame construction means that Raen sunglasses are never subject to bending or warping. Although the classic rivet hinges are used in many Raen styles, some use strong barrel-type hinges to complement the styling, whilst still providing excellent functionality.

With many fresh styles suitable for both women’s and men’s sunglasses, Raen is a truly unisex brand, inspired by the surf, sand and sea. Modern designs, inspired by classic ideas, enable Raen to stand out against even the premium luxury sunglasses brands.

When fitted with your own prescription lenses, a truly original sunglasses masterpiece is created. As well as providing visual comfort and superior eye protection, customised Raen sunglasses never fail to turn heads!

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