Digitally Designed Progressive Glasses

As your eyes mature, especially over the age of 40, the time comes to consider vision correction and there are several options, including Bifocal, Multifocal and Progressive glasses. How do you decide which one is the best choice for you ?

Multifocal Glasses Pros and Cons

If you did not previously required glasses or your distance vision is still good, or fair, bifocal reading glasses may be your first solution. They divide the lens area into the distance and reading functions, allowing you to look through the top of the lens at objects far away, while gazing through the lower portion of the lens to read. Bifocals have a definite line, or delineation, between the two areas.

You may require more assistance with both ranges of vision, however, or need to focus on the intermediate distance, between the two, for a large portion of time. This is when you need to consider Trifocal lenses, i.e. lenses that have three separate areas. Drivers and computer users are good candidates for these, since they need to focus in the intermediate distance to perform their work.

Multifocal lenses allow switching between the various required viewing distances by looking through different parts of the lens, though there are definite lines that separate the various areas.

What are Progressive Glasses?

Progressive lenses, or Varifocal lenses, transition smoothly between the various focal ranges, with no visible demarcation of the lens. Often referred to as “no-line” bifocals, progressive lenses are suitable for most glasses wearers. They cover the whole range of vision in one lens, adjusting automatically to keep you in focus without any “image jump” no matter where you are looking.

Using the latest Free-Form technology, progressive lenses are digitally designed and manufactured to accommodate the individual’s prescription, as well as their face shape, eye position and tilt angle at which they wear their glasses. This means that your new glasses are completely customised to provide you with the best possible vision at every distance.

Freeform progressive lenses can be made with much greater precision and it is this built-in accuracy that provides far superior vision to any other lens option.

Offering a wider field of view, they are easy to adapt to wearing, since a progressive lens is designed to present the exact optical correction to the eye for each viewpoint. Their optical clarity is comparable to glass and the clever, bespoke design can solve most multifocal glasses issues, especially if you have a high or complex prescription.

Free-form progressive glasses provide natural, almost seamless, transition between the different focal points with greater overall optical precision to give you the best possible vision correction.

If your vision is changing or you need new spectacles, why not come in and try progressive glasses, especially as an alternative to multifocal lenses – you won’t look back.

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