Rudy Project EyewearA sports eyewear leader for 26 years, Rudy Project is leading a race that knows no limits: the continuous pursuit of excellence, not only in its materials but also in design and performance. Yes, because in sport there are strict rules, mistakes are not allowed. Only the result matters.

Rudy Project

Rudy Project has always offered a very broad range, in line with the requirements of sports lovers who are looking to be successful. Established with the aim of improving the performance levels of athletes world-wide, Rudy Project has had such great success as a result of its constant investments in the development of new materials and technologies for lenses and frames, with a special vocation for total quality and a truly targeted marketing and communication strategy. Love for progress, passion for style and attention to quality have given rise to an exclusive collection of technologically-advanced sports accessories.

From cycling to golf, from skiing to sailing, but also triathlon, running, trekking, free climbing and a whole lot more:Rudy Project is here for champions, whatever their sport.

Rudy Project eyewear Rudy Project eyewear