Oakley sunglasses – for Life!

Oakley sunglasses offer clear, sharp, accurate vision, at the same time optimised for safety and performance.

Extreme testing is undertaken to ensure that these glasses meet and even exceed the stringent American National Standards Institute requirements for eyewear.

Oakley sunglasses lenses block every wavelength of ultraviolet radiation, protecting the eyes from potential damage from the sun, even on overcast days.

Uncompromised clarity

Oakley’s exclusive technology, HD Polarisation, prevents glare without the need for films or glues that can potentially distort vision.

Using precision infusion moulding, lenses are produced in a single layer – the clearest polarised lenses available.

Furthermore, Oakley lenses are manufactured in pairs, for exact matching and alignment, promoting vision clarity and reducing the risk of eye strain or headaches.

Each sport has its own unique vision and focus requirements. Oakley custom-engineer sunglasses for specific activities to optimise performance in each of the necessary focus zones, providing the best possible vision for the sports wearer.

Specialist Oakley sunglasses, optimised for specific environments, are available for the following lifestyles and sports:
• snow
• golf
• surf
• training
• baseball
• road and cycling
• mountain and trail
• target, fishing and hunting
• hockey

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