Maui Jim Sunglasses – Seeing is Believing

Inspired by the colour and light of beautiful Hawaii, Maui Jim sunglasses were developed to make life brighter.

From selling on a beach in Hawaii in 1980, the company has grown into one of the fastest growing sunglasses designers and manufacturers in the world.

Popular on and off-line, Maui Jim has a fashion-forward look with their contemporary frame shapes that provide exceptional vision protection.

From a small, Classic Collection range of seven polarised sunglasses designs, they have grown to offer over 125 styles, all of which protect the eyes to the fullest extent from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Colourful clarity

Gradient tints on some Maui Jim sunglasses maximise protection where needed with the use of gradual colour filtering across the lens.

Colour is also useful for enhancing vision in different lighting situations, for example, a natural grey tint enhances contrasts in bright, direct light.

Bronze and rose tints are also used for all light conditions, from full sun to overcast skies, however, bronze provides a warm, subtle tint whereas a rose tint is best for fast-moving sports.

Maui Jim’s trademarked High Transmission lenses are for use when most conditions would be too dark, such as dawn, dusk and in foggy conditions.

The range of Maui Jim frames are manufactured from durable, lightweight materials such as titanium, nylon and acetate. Classic aviator styles are available, or lightweight rimless sunglasses with titanium temples.

Some nylon styles in the range wrap, either partially or fully, around the face for extra protection, to prevent the eyes from sideways, or reflected, UV rays.

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