Great vision for golf, fishing and sailing

Designed for performance and protection, Bollé sunglasses also deliver fit, fashion and comfort.

From a small cottage industry in France, Bollé has grown over 100 years into a leading player for premium sports and everyday eyewear.

The Bollé range of sunglasses contains some of the freshest and most technically advanced eyewear designs available.

Worn all over the world, they are particularly known for their excellence as sports speciality sunglasses, specifically for marine and golf glasses.

Bollé sunglasses – Designed to Win

Finest grade nylon is used in all frames, providing extreme strength as well as flexibility, yet still maintaining the lightest weight.

Custom fitting is provided by fully adjustable nose pads and wire-core temple tips that keep Bollé sunglasses comfortably, but firmly, in place.

Patented pinless hinges connect the frame fronts to the temples, providing a sleek frame structure that is durable and hard-wearing. Integrated spring hinges further regulate tension on the temples for a snug, safe fit.

Bollé use a microfusion process that moulds molten metal alloys to form precise frame styles and designs that can then be hand finished.

A range of special Bollé lens technologies and coatings are applied to reduce glare and moisture, providing UV protection and impact resistance for sports and outdoor activities.

All Bollé sunglasses lenses meet the relevant Australian Standards for UV protection, impact resistance and optical clarity.

Sports speciality – Marine

Bollé Marine sunglasses are ideal for use when fishing, sailing or taking part in any marine activities. Durable, lightweight frames provide all-day comfort, while Bollé’s superior lens technology handles all conditions, allowing the wearer to focus on their sport.

Held securely on to the face by Bollé’s fully adjustable temple tips and nose pads, these sunglasses deliver safe, all-day protection from harmful UV.

Specialised lens technology uses colour tints, mirrors and embedded polarised filters to expertly handle all light conditions that may be encountered, from harsh glare to low-light, keeping vision clear and comfortable.

A hydrophobic coating repels moisture and eliminates fogging, splash residue or smudging, keeping the view sharp at all times.

Sports speciality – Golf

New from Bollé, the exclusive Photochromic Modulator V3 Golf model provides the ultimate in golfing eyewear. Available in a range of styles these glasses will improve any game.

With the usual Bollé optical superiority and light weight characteristics, the V3 also features a finely tuned, light reactive brown lens for vision clarity out on the golf course.

Inner and outer coatings prevent fogging or moisture build-up on either side of the lens, allowing for clear vision and continuous play in all conditions.

Step up your game with Bollé sunglasses from Insight Optometrists today.