Mykita Prescription Glasses

The first Mykita premises were housed in an old daycare centre, or Kita in German. Keeping the name and retaining the sense of playfulness and curiosity of the children, Mykita proceeded to promote new perspectives on eyewear. Their progressive approach to form, construction and surface has challenged the norm to create a wide range of looks with a refined and distinctive aesthetic.

Mykita eyewear is hand-assembled and made of stainless steel, acetate or mylon. A revolutionary new material, mylon is made from fine polyamide powder that is fused into shape using 3D printing technology called Selective Laser Sintering. The process produces zero waste and creates a highly thermally adaptable material. This revolutionary manufacturing method allows the designer the freedom to mould exceptionally light and durable frames. Combining handcrafting with this high-tech material and processesing technique in the Mykita ‘manufactory’ results in modern, highly original eyewear.

Looking beyond the traditional, Mykita brings fresh ideas to their eyewear designs, incorporating technologies from different disciplines in their process. Always aesthetically pleasing, features like the spiral hinge have become the hallmark of Mykita frames. Research and development underpin every range, setting Mykita glasses apart. Their product designers and engineers think designs through to the tiniest detail.

Sold in more than 80 countries, the Mykita range includes both prescription models and sunglasses. The various ranges take inspiration from different sources, for example the Luxe collection emphasises naturally sourced materials, the Lite collection has an ultra-thin, three component frame and the Decades collection replicates classic 20th century styles.

Through some famous collaborations, Mykita have created some singular eyewear pieces and luxury frames that will no doubt be followed by more innovative models available to the general public so watch this space for exciting new developments from the pioneering Mykita company.

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