Discover Beauty all around you with Maui Jim Eyewear

Internationally acclaimed sunglasses brand, Maui Jim, has now started to design and manufacture frames for everyday wear.

Making colours brighter and images sharper, they help the wearer see everything at its clearest and best to experience the beauty of the world around them.

Maui Jim lenses are digitally made to provide incredible visual acuity across each entire lens surface, before being fitted into stylish frames that exude confidence and harmony.

Quality and care in every pair

A state-of-the-art laboratory in Illinois, USA, produces every Maui Jim lens to provide the best quality and service available.

Exclusive digital lens design equipment is used to make every pair, delivering the widest possible field of view for every prescription. Direct surfacing technology ensures that the entire lens uniformly produces the right level of correction for each particular eye condition, from edge to edge of the lens.

Bi-focal, progressive or single vision lenses are available to correct most vision issues and each pair of glasses is quality checked by a certified optician before delivery.

10 times more accurate than the industry standard, these lenses provide the highest possible optical and quality standards in eyewear.

Furthermore, the environmentally focused Maui Jim company’s factory has a waste-free policy, recycling or re-using any excess lens material it produces.

Enjoy Maui Jim’s acclaimed optical expertise, now available at Insight Optometrists in a stylish range of frames for everyday wear.