Comfort and design are the strong points of Etnia Barcelona glasses. Their exhaustive knowledge of facial features is Etniatransferred to each piece, thereby producing some of the most comfortable eyewear in the world. Working with the best strategic partners for each piece of a pair of eyeglasses provides them with the most technologically advanced resources: from the highest quality Barberini lens to the design of an intelligent hinge mechanism co-produced with Comotec.

They design and make their own eyewear, controlling the entire process, from the design of the first drawing to the production of all the components: glasses that are comfortable, that feel good on any face, with the bridge adapted to facial features, with ergonomic temple tips… they like to make and wear good products.

Colour Experts

Etnia Barcelona are pioneers in the study of color and its psychological effects. They create our own trend boards for they collections, preparing combinations based on fashion trends, ready-to-wear and big brands.Currently they are working with more than 500 color references, each one of which has been designed by the Etnia Barcelona creative team and produced at the Mazzucchelli (Italy) acetate factory, carefully selecting the pigments to establish a “rainbow” range with a futuristic approach.

Eco Friendly

Etnia Barcelona is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable products. As a 21st century company, their awareness of the environment means that they use a 100% eco-friendly acetate, made from natural organic elements (cotton and wood pulp), which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Etnia Eyewear