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LindbergPopularly renowned as the leading customised rimless eyewear range in the world (and recognised as such with more than 40 prestigious design awards), this iconic Danish range delivers luxurious elegance in the form of feather light titanium fashion frames assembled with absolutely no screws.

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Offering a bright change to everyday eyewear, Mattisse designer frames combine outstanding colours with contemporary styling, all at exceptional price and value.




Silhouette GlassesThe lightest eyewear in the world, Silhouette uses the best materials and latest technologies to revolutionise eyewear. Silhouette are the frames of choice for big names in entertainment, business, and politics.


Tom Ford


Many celebrities have them! Tom Ford eyewear is in demand, internationally, for its great quality, style and finish. Effortless elegance, with a touch of Italian luxury, is the theme of this sophisticated collection of frames.

Tom Ford


Jono Hennessy


Jono Hennessy has been heralded as a fashion forward brand carried by the coolest independent optometrists around the world. Original, affordable designer eyewear.

Jono Hennessy


Coco Song

Coco Song eyewear combines the distinctive charm of Oriental culture with Italian sophistication for a bold, unique and classy appearance. This exclusive collection is made for the experienced, cosmopolitan customer who wants expressive eyewear to reflect their personality.

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Maui Jim


Maui Jim eyewear, inspired by the beauty of Hawaii, exudes confidence and harmony whilst providing incredible visual acuity.  

Maui Jim


Ronit Furst

Looking for colourful, lively and super original eyewear? Ronit Furst offers hand painted frames that let you express your personality with quirky, individual designs that look different from every angle.

Ronit Furst 


So Dutz EyewearA European market leader, Dutz uses high quality materials to create superior frames. Dutz’s modern design expresses individual styles from classic to leading edge, in an array of sophisticated colours.

Dutz Eyewear

Ted Baker


Ted Baker believes that no wardrobe is complete without stylish accessories. Our classy selection of Ted Baker designer eyewear is sure to leave a lasting impression.



Prodesign120x96Always following the latest trends in fashion, Prodesign’s genuine Danish design gives you high quality and pure style. Experience striking designs, innovative materials and vibrant colours with Prodesign!

Prodesign Eyewear


Ray-Ban120x59The global leader in premium eyewear. Experience Ray-Ban eyewear for yourself, and discover why they are by far the best-selling eyewear brand in the world.

Rayban Eyewear


oakley120x56The inimitable style and sturdy structure of Oakley prescription glasses combine flex, comfort, fit, and ferocity, to create prescription frames as long on technology as they are on style.

Oakley Eyewear

Jimmy Choo


Jimmy Choo eyewear designs are the must-have luxury accessories that bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to every look.

Jimmy Choo


Wayne Cooper


With all the characteristics of the designer's label; spirited and cheeky, with romantic tones, Wayne Cooper eyewear is classic, yet daring.


Christian Lacroix


Originality and elegance characterise the Christian Lacroix eyewear collection. Unique designs in daring shapes and colours at great prices bring designer products within reach.



Bebe Glasses

Designed for romantically playful and confident women, bebe delivers the hottest new fashions at great prices. bebe’s signature look of chic, sophisticated and body conscious fashion is the ultimate expression of your style.

bebe Eyewear



Lightec frames, by Morel of France, are strong and light. Wearers are looking for a tough, yet discreet, frame with a hint of originality.




adidas sports eyewearAdidas frames, designed and manufactured by leading eyewear maker Silhouette, are inspired by athletes to deliver the highest levels of quality and performance.



Anne Klein

Anne Klein

Innovative and passionate, Anne Klein defines the essence of contemporary American eyewear. Using unexpected combinations to create beautiful and smart eyewear, Anne Klein lets you express your inner self with modern sophistication.

Anne Klein Eyewear

ck Calvin Klein

ck-Calvin-Klein120x120With its clean lines and minimalist design aesthetic, ck Calvin Klein combines fun use of colour with bold shapes to create eyewear for modern and uniquely sophisticated individuals.

CK Eyewear

Kliik Denmark

Kliik DenmarkElevating seeing and being seen to new levels of distinction, this range is for men and women who understand that style is not just about a look, but about a statement.


nike120x120An industry leader and one of the world’s largest brands, Nike has revolutionised athletic footwear, sportswear, and now eyewear. These athlete-approved frames ensure you can deliver top performance.

Nike Eyewear

Nine West

nine-west120x120Cleverly interpreting the latest runway looks, Nine West uses vibrant colours and chic techniques to deliver eyewear that appeals to fashion conscious women looking for affordable style.

Nine West Eyewear


Bellinger (small)An individualist's delight, this atypical Danish brand eschews design deemed too streamlined and minimalist and takes great pride in rather creating eyewear with a sense of fun that is sure to put a twinkle in the eye of any wearer.

Empire New York

Empire-New-York120x100The must-have fashion accessory when you’re chasing your dreams in a city full of hope and opportunity. Inspired by the City That Never Sleeps, these ultra cool frames deliver New York chic to Australia.


etnia120x120The Spanish leader in eyewear design, Etnia offers you colour combinations never before used in eyewear. With a passion for style, Etnia represents individual expression, dare and imagination.

Etnia Barcelona


GantThe definitive reflection of  true American style lies at the heart of the Gant brand. This range of eyewear is designed for those who demand high-level functionality combined with pure, classic good looks.


GucciFashionable glamour distilled in timeless elegance, this is the iconic eyewear of movie stars of days gone by and movie stars of today and tomorrow – a truly unmatched mystique cherished by generations of discerning wearers.


GuessYouthful, glamorous and sexy eyewear that brings originality, innovation and fashionable style together for younger men and women with a forward-thinking, fun and individualistic approach to life.

John Varvatos

John VarvatosEclectic, individualistic, casual, easy elegance that is pleasing to the eye and on the eye.

More information about John Varvatos eyewear (PDF, 618 KB)

Just Eye Fashion

just-eye-fashion120x166Delivering eyewear solutions of the highest quality, Just Eye Fashion combines practicality and fashion. With a fun, interchangeable temples system, it’s a fresh, vibrant approach to eyewear.

Just Eye Fashion


LacosteWith vibrant colour blocking, striping and piping, classic textures and finely-crafted lines, each item of eyewear in this range faithfully reflects the familiar fluid elegance of the much loved ’crocodile’ brand.

Salvatore Ferragamo

salvatore-ferragamo120x120Break away from the everyday! Ferragamo’s strong, bold colours and Italian-made craftsmanship are the definition of style, elegance, and personality.

Salvatore Ferragamo Eyewear


sapporo-2-120x45Designed in Australia, Sapporo styling takes you on a journey from the boldness of eras gone by to the thin lines of modern retro. These stylish frames reflect the latest trends using high quality materials and bold colours.


skaga120x120Inspired by the beautiful Swedish landscape, Skaga combine classic Scandinavian style with a contemporary feel. Skilled craftsmanship ensures these frames are renowned for their high quality.

Skaga Eyewear


tumi120x120Over 35 years of innovative design and superior craftsmanship, Tumi has created an unmatched legacy of excellence and success. Experience technical innovation, design excellence, and unparalleled quality with Tumi.

Tumi Eyewear


chloe120x120Chloé eyewear’s modern and audacious design uses iconic elements such as soft materials, round shapes, and warm shades, to bring you the new mood of Paris.

Chloe Eyewear

Face à Face

face a faceFace à Face works with volumes, shapes, materials, colours and textures to give it's glasses the power to express the ppersonaltyof their wearer

Face à Face

When choosing eyewear, there are several measurements that help with the actual sizing of the frame to your face.
These fitting measurements are:

1. Lens diameter - the width of the lens in mm, measured from the bridge.
2. Bridge length - the distance between the lenses. A Narrow bridge is 15mm to 118mm,  a Wider bridge is 18mm to 22mm.
3. Temple length -  the length of the arms, most commonly either 135mm, 140mm,145mm or 150mm.

Our capable staff will assist you to make sure that your eyewear is sized correctly for a perfect, comfortable fit.

Insight Optometrists carry a wide range of glasses frames at our Indooroopilly store, including those from specialist spectacle frame designers and names associated with major fashion houses. At Insight, you can be sure of genuine frames - no fakes or imitations. We partner with many famous designers to stock their complete ranges and are first to receive their latest lines. Keep watching our website for the latest styles from your favourite designer name.

Not only will your new eyewear correct your vision, it can make a bold fashion statement, instantly transforming your look. Our wide range of different shapes and styles includes classic and retro designs. Recent eyewear trends include Cat-Eye, Aviator, Wayfarer and Oversized frames.

We run ongoing specials and package deals on eyewear so why not come in and try some new styles in our comfortable, friendly Indooroopilly premises. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to help and inform about the newest ranges from top designer brands.

With eyewear from Insight Optometrists, you will be sure always to have the best possible vision outcome, at the same time looking fashionable and stylish.