A good pair of prescription safety glasses is most important for safety in the workplace. The new ranges of safety glasses available at Insight Optometrists not only protect your eyes to the required standards, they also feel comfortable and look great.

90% of workplace eye injuries can be prevented by wearing proper protective eyewear.1

Especially as we age, presbyopia becomes a factor with weakening eyesight. This means that good vision and lighting must be ensured for safe, effective work practices. Even young, healthy eyes need protection from potential eye injury from airborne particles or hazardous substances.

Standard glasses and sunglasses do not provide the level of protection required by many work situations. Worn underneath safety glasses, they can even reduce the effectiveness of the safety glasses and prevent them from sealing correctly to your face. If you need to wear vision correction and your line of work calls for eye protection, the safest and best option is to buy a pair of prescription safety glasses.

Insight Optometrists’ certified prescription safety glasses protect your eyes whilst making sure that your vision is optimal for your particular work. Australia holds very stringent requirements for eye protection in the workplace, specified by the Australian standard for prescription safety glasses: 1337.6.2012. Certified safety glasses meet the relevant eyewear standards, having been tested by a third party.
Note: Certification is not mandatory, however, the certificate proves that the eyewear is compliant and has been independently tested to Australian standards.

Protective Lenses in Stylish Frames

Insight Optometrists stocks prescription safety glasses from the most highly regarded suppliers and brands, including IOAC, PSG and Hoya. As well as offering protective lenses that keep your eyes safe, our safety glasses are stylish and comfortable. Our range is specially selected to make sure that that their mechanical strength does not compromise vision quality.


We can create prescription safety glasses for use in low and medium impact environments and even high risk situations, like construction, mining and manufacturing. Prescription lenses are available as single vision, bifocal and progressive lenses, as well as a special indoor lens range. 100% UV protection is built in as standard to most safety glass lenses, however, you may like to consider whether you would like a tint to your lens or transition lenses that darken on exposure to the sun.

Different frame styles are available, in both plastic and metal, so that you can choose safety glasses to suit your face shape. We also have a selection of colours, for individuality and to match with your style and skin tone. Our comfortable safety glasses have adjustable nose pads so that you can make sure they will sit nicely in place with maximum comfort, leaving no marks.

If your work demands that your safety glasses need to seal to your face, you can choose from our positive seal products that feature a foam gasket seal, ensuring nothing penetrates your eye protection. Further security is provided by a strap that affixes the glasses to your head to keep them in firm place during physical activity.

Come and see Insight Optometrists now to make sure your eyes are protected in the workplace with a pair of our prescription safety glasses.

1. American Academy of Ophthalmology