Orthokeratology Lenses

Orthokeratology Lenses for Sight Correction

Orthokeratology lenses, or Ortho-K lenses, are used to correct low to moderate degrees of myopia, or short-sightedness.1 This eye condition affects many school-aged children and is fast becoming a major public health issue of our time.2

Especially in young children, the increased use of screens and short to mid-range vision means eyes may not be challenged enough in the distance field. Research has proven that increasing the amount of time children spend outdoors is a simple and effective preventive option.3

If you suffer from short-sightedness, you can correct your vision by wearing orthokeratology lenses at night. These specially designed contact lenses gently reshape your cornea while you sleep and are removed on waking. The treatment should allow you clear and natural vision, without glasses or contact lenses for the day, or sometimes even longer.

How safe is Ortho-K treatment?

Ortho-K has achieved FDA approval in the US for its safety and effectiveness in reducing short-sightedness4. As a non-surgical alternative to LASIK corrective surgery, it is ideal for people who want to achieve good daily vision without glasses, contact lenses or an operation.

Orthokeratology lenses provide a great treatment for children who experience short-sightedness, since they adapt easily to wearing the orthokeratology lenses at night, with the added benefit of slowing down the development of myopia in children5.

Ortho-K side effects

Orthokeratology risks and side effects are no greater than those associated with wearing regular contact lenses. Careful handling, insertion and removal are required, to avoid risk of infection, as with any lenses that are placed directly on the eye. Highly gas permeable, Orthokeratology lenses ensure eyes receive enough oxygen to remain healthy.

Wearing Ortho-K lenses is relatively comfortable, since the eyes are mostly shut while these lenses are worn, with minimal blinking, so the inner eyelids are not constantly rubbing on the edges of the lenses.

Cost of Orthokeratology lenses

The Orthokeratology price includes the initial lens-fitting appointments and all follow-up checks to continually ensure the health of the eyes and the effectiveness of treatment. Costs are comparable with those involved with wearing glasses or contact lenses and the treatment is substantially cheaper than surgical options. Unlike surgery, though, orthakeratology lenses are non-invasive and the treatment is reversible.

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