Mattisse Frames Now at Insight Optometrists, Indooroopilly

Exclusively available at Insight Optometrists, the new Mattisse eyewear range is now in store. Come in today to see original designs from this iconic New York range. With frames suitable for every age group, Mattisse’s important moral purpose is product affordability. Moderately priced, they make stylish eyewear available to everybody. Check out the great prices for yourself.

If you are looking for something individual and unique to reflect your own personal style, you are sure to find it in our Mattisse collection. Currently the only stockists in Brisbane, we carry a wide range of Mattisse designs. All frames are optical ready, or ‘Rx-able’, which means that they can be fitted with your exact prescription lenses, customising them perfectly to your needs. You have the option to add tinted or reactive lenses, so you can have perfect vision and great styling all day long.

Exclusive Mattisse Eyeware

Mattisse Eyeware

All Mattisse glasses frames are hand painted in Italy. The fashion-forward range boasts outstanding colours and varied, striking styles. Always original, Mattisse frames stand out as a conversation piece. Fun to wear, no two pieces are alike.

Gaily painted fronts to the frame draw attention to the wearer’s eyes, whilst original artwork adorns the temples, inside and out. Some of the softer coloured frames are more conservative on the temples, with elaborate details on the front of the frame. With each pair being an original artwork, they need to be seen to be fully appreciated.

Mattisse began in 2005 with the aim of providing frames that are different to the major manufacturers’ lines. They satisfy the market that wants something original and their wearers love them, often owning several pairs to give them different looks. Happy and colourful themes, inspired by art, nature, museums and fabrics, make the frames eye-catching and striking.

Some Mattisse designs take tones from the wearer’s eye, skin and hair colouring. Other models delight in creating a striking contrast, being boldly dramatic in their outstanding difference.

The artwork on each pair of Mattisse Glasses is sealed and protected by a novel laminate process that ensures the utmost durability, making these frames suitable for everyday wear under all conditions. Confident of their protective finish, Mattisse provide a comprehensive warranty to ensure they stay as beautiful as the day you bought them.

To have your prescription put into one of these colourful Mattisse Frames – call Insight Optometrists on 07 3878 2655