Introducing Maui Jim and Etnia

Insight Optometrists takes pleasure in introducing you to the world of two famous eyewear manufacturers: Maui Jim and Etnia Barcelona.

Maui Jim fashion eyeglasses: where beauty and functionality come together.

Insight Maui Jim

Maui Jim is a Hawaiian-based manufacturer of sunglasses based on the island of Maui and marketed worldwide. The majority of their lines are marketed with an oceanic and Hawaiian themes stemming from their foundation and location in Hawaii.  In addition to their non-prescription sunglasses, Maui Jim currently produces prescription lenses for their designs, including bifocal lenses.

The quality of a Maui Jim lens far surpasses that of any regular sunglass lens. Maui Jim lenses are produced using patented technology which provides the wearer with superb optical quality and colour contrast, all whilst cutting glare with a polarising filter. With summer just around the corner, make sure you’re ready to protect your eyes from the sun – come in and try on a pair of Maui Jims.

Etnia Barcelona is the Spanish leader in eyewear design. By utilising colour combinations that were never before used in eyewear, Etnia has differentiated itself from its competitors as a global leader in high quality chic eyewear.

Insight Etinia

Our collection of Etnia frames comes in a large diversity of colours, such as navy blue, black and burgundy combined with a very pale pink or orange stripe. A great range of colours and styles for everybody.

Etnia Barcelona places great importance on design and comfort, devoting painstaking care to ergonomics to offer high-quality, comfortable-to-wear designs. Etnia is characterised by COMFORT and design which are the strong points of Etnia Barcelona glasses. An exhaustive knowledge of facial features is transferred to each piece, thereby producing some of the most comfortable eyewear in the world. These glasses are manufactured using eco-friendly cotton and they are biodegradable.

Etnia is the choice of many celebrities, it is a recognised brand not only as a fashion statement, but a brand that is uniquely comfortable and made of materials that will help lead to a more sustainable future.