Insight Optometrists- See Why We Are Different?

When it comes to looking after your eyesight, you want someone you can trust. Someone who’ll be honest and who has your best interests at heart, who offers you personalised service.

At Insight Optometrists, we believe that taking care of your vision should be part of your whole health strategy. Everyone should be able to access quality optometry care, that’s why we’re committed to offering high quality care at affordable prices.

As an independent optometrist, we’re able to keep up with the latest services and technology to help you care for and improve your eyesight. For example, our doctors are trained in Ortho-K technology: a surgery-free therapy to improve or correct myopia (short-sightedness) and astigmatism.

We also recognise that dry eyes will be a growing problem, as modern technology sees us spending more and more time looking at screens and devices. That’s why we offer a Dry Eye clinic, as well as IPL technology as a long-term solution for dry eye sufferers. Dry eye is a very irritating condition, so we believe it’s important offer treatments that get to the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.

These are just some examples of how we’re committed to keeping up with innovations in eye care, so we can always offer you the most effective and cutting-edge treatments.

Our independence also means we can offer a wide range of eyewear brands to suit all ages and styles. Our spectacle and sunglass options range from affordable styles right through to designer brands including Gucci, Calvin Klein, Lindberg and more. We regularly offer discounts, specials and package deals, as part of our commitment to offering top quality yet affordable eye care.

Our accreditation as a member of the Eye Care Plus group means you can be assured we’re using the most current techniques and technology. We are also a VSP provider, meaning we access a wide range of health funds and deals.