Afraid of wearing contact lenses?

Afraid of wearing contact lenses?

Are you afraid of contact lenses? Whatever the reason we trust after this article you will be able to identify and gain confidence to try contact lenses.

If you afraid of contact lenses, it’s probably due to some experience or story that is imbedded in your brain.  Remember all information we exposed to is stored in our brains somewhere, often with no real reference or experience.

Phobias are complex and take fear to a different level that may require a consultation with your doctor of psychologist.  But common and often slight fears that we adopt are easily remedied with proper information and knowledge.  We hope the guidelines below will be of help to you.

First step- identify what you scared of, if you not sure, start writing down any thoughts that come to mind no matter how trivial it may seem to  you at the time. This can be done over a period of days.

Talk to a trusted friend or family member who wears contact lenses. If you know what you scared of then ask them any of the questions that you are concerned about. If you haven’t quite figured it out share your fears with them and collectively you may stumble on the reason.

Discuss it with a local optometrist, ask them about getting contacts. They will check your eyes, which is a painless procedure and give you the correct advice. They also specialise in this field and are the most qualified to help you allay any fears or doubts you may have.  You can also get a trial pair of contact lenses that should help you overcome any of your doubts and fears. Contacts can be worn with ease and confidence once you have tried them and been informed how to take care of your lenses and eyes.

We would love to hear from you if this article helped in any way.