Computer Glasses for the Modern Lifestyle

Increasing dependence on screen work means that many people should consider using specifically-designed computer glasses. The advanced technology of extended focus lenses, combined with bluelight protection, means that daily tasks can be accomplished with much better overall vision and less eye strain.

Research1 shows that Australians of all ages alternate between use their laptops and desktops with multiple large monitors attached most often to multitask. The top listed online activities for tablets and computers are email and search. On mobile devices, the most common task is checking the weather forecast! The office environment also often involves transitioning between screens and distance viewing in the course of daily work or study.

Hoya Computer GlassesIntermittent viewing of screens in an indoor situation means that the eyes are constantly having to focus on images at different distances within the nearer range. This repeated refocusing of the eyes can prove difficult when spectacles are only designed for general use, such as standard graduated or multi-focal lenses. These provide a large range of vision but are not specific enough for long hours of dedicated monitor usage.

The result of constantly switching viewing distances can lead to fatiguing of the eye muscles and eye strain, dry eyes and headaches. Furthermore, an unnatural sitting posture might be developed to accommodate these visual challenges. Difficulty may be experienced when moving around since the vision becomes less stable.

A Superior Solution

Insight Optometrists always take lifestyle factors into consideration when selecting the right lenses for an individual. Work and wearing conditions are both considerations in lens selection and design, to ensure that the best possible vision is achieved and Insight Optometrists recommend extended focus computer glasses for Australian wearers.

Extended focus technology allows lenses to be customised to the wearer’s requirements. For people who spend a lot of time in front of a screen, extended focus lenses are highly recommended when choosing glasses for the computer and for office or home use. With a recommended focusing range of up to 4 metres, or sometimes every further, these lenses are perfect for ensuring comfortable work-day eyesight. They meet all vision requirements, especially when a significant portion of the day is spent doing screen work.

Extended focus lenses are created for visual efficiency in the indoor work environment. Visual distances are set in the indoor range that accommodates the wearer’s needs. This means that the wearer is able to comfortably focus on the rest of the room around the computer screen, whilst still having crystal clear vision on the screen.

Furthermore, the special, patented technology of extended focus lenses provides unrivalled binocular performance that results in reduced eye strain2. Since most wearers require a different prescription for each eye, the two eyes are never focusing in the same way, even when viewing the same image. The correction for this variation between the eyes that these smart lenses offers helps reduce the work the brain has to do, resulting in much easier, more comfortable sight, making them the ideal glasses to reduce computer eye strain.

Insight Optometrists ensure optimal vision every time by designing and fitting each lens to accommodate individual wearing parameters and the wearing position of the frame. In addition, all extended focus lenses are treated and coated for improved durability and eye safety, including blue light protection.

Benefits of Extended Focus Lenses for Computer Work

  • sharp vision at near and intermediate distances
  • effortlessly superior depth and width perception
  • a wider field of view when using digital devices

Improve your work vision and reduce eye strain today with extended focus computer glasses from Insight Optometrists

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2. HOYA’s unique Binocular Harmonization TechnologyTM, Dr. Thomas Gosling