Coco Song Glasses

Coco Song Glasses

Coco Song Glasses – Original and Creative

Coco Song glasses are a fusion of stylish Italian design and oriental culture and charm. This range of beautiful eyewear graces the faces of those who wish to feel unique and exclusive.

Fresh, original designs appeal to sophisticated tastes, for wearers who demand more from their eyewear in terms of style with meaning.

The word Coco means ‘ancient’ and this magical range of eyewear takes its name from the Song Dynasty, culturally the most brilliant era in imperial Chinese history. As such, the frames are rich in inspirational influence of the Far East.

Symbolic and Meaningful

Natural elements adorn the frame designs; silk, feathers and dried flowers, as well as semi-precious stones including turquoise, tiger’s eye and jade. Pearl, metallic and crystalline colours produce a cool, bright, chromatic look, ideal for young wearers looking for an easy-to-wear, contemporary style.

Eastern culture uses lucky objects and images to invoke happiness and prosperity. These auspicious items are represented in the Coco Song collection in the form of handmade ornaments, decorations and symbols.

Clouds, flowers and mystical creatures adorn the frames, providing colour and interest as well as yielding their symbolic powers to the wearer for good fortune.

In some styles, peonies, for example, represent female beauty, prosperity and nobility, where coloured clouds bring layers of endless good fortune and happiness. Others depict dragons for power and protection; some Coco Song frame designs have handmade lock symbols added on the temples for health and longevity.

Mastery and passion means Coco Song glasses frame designs are rich in tradition and meaning, making this beautiful eyewear even more original, interesting and inspiring.

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