Children’s Vision

Hints for children’s vision when reading

  • Read in a room with good and even lighting
  • Do not lie on the floor and read
  • After every few pages look about the room or into the distance

Hints for computer and video game use

If a child uses a computer for more than two hours a day they are likely to experience eye strain with symptoms including blurred or double vision, loss of focus, burning or tired eyes, headaches or neck and shoulder pain. Tips on reducing eye strain in childrens vision caused by computers are below:

  • Have even room lighting
  • Minimise reflections from the monitor
  • Take a break every few minutes and look around the room
  • Physically stand upright every 20 minutes and look around the room
  • For video games, sit as far back as the leads allow

Hints on avoiding UV damage

  • The sun’s effects are strongest between 10am and 4pm – avoiding the sun between those times will reduce UV exposure to childrens vision
  • Sunglasses and Transitions® lenses (lenses that go dark in the sun and become clear again when you go indoors) will reduce the amount of UV reaching a student’s eyes
  • A broad-brimmed hat will reduce the amount of UV reaching a child’s eyes by half

Hints on watching television

  • Have a small light on in the room when watching television – the room should not be totally dark
  • Place the television so that there is no glare or reflection from lights or windows
  • Frequently look away from the TV set — around the room
  • Have the TV set approximately at or slightly below eye level

There are also other eye problems and diseases that have no obvious symptoms. Remember vision is a precious sense. Children need to have regular eye examinations.