New CCS by Coco Song – Now Available at Insight Optometrists, Indooroopilly

Take the leading role with these new, fashion forward frames: CCS by Coco Song. Step out with modern chic in one of the audacious CCS designs featuring intense tones of pink, red, orange, purple, green or blue. The quality of the Coco Song brand has been successfully encapsulated into their new line of CCS frames. The look is much lighter, exuding modern chic, yet suitable for everyday wear.

Fun and Easy-to-Wear 

CCS by Coco Song New Frames

CCS frames are fun and easy-to-wear, yielding a feminine and contemporary look, without sacrificing luxury or style.

Distinguished by its unique bright, dynamic appeal, each model is available in six colour arrangements. Innovative chromatic experimentation captures the successful elements of the Coco Song brand, whilst allowing the CCS range to display its own distinctive characteristics.

CCS by Coco Song

Helping you tell your individual story, reflecting your aspirations and achievements, your unique CCS eyewear will embody your hopes and dreams, while you plan and build your bold life story on the beauty of details, the emotions of single moments and the values of simple gestures.

The secret of CCS frames

This exciting new range of eyewear captures natural elements into crystalline and transparent acetates, as well as transporting them into pearl colours. Hues are brighter, bolder and lighter, yielding a fresher, more youthful look.

Frame fronts and temples boast subtle designs that are inspired by the natural world; flowers, silks and feathers, accented with vivid tones that invoke an inventive flair.

Bring the splendour of shape and form, together with outstanding colour and style, into your life with CCS by Coco Song.

Come in to Insight Optometrists, Indooroopilly, and discover beautiful, iconic CCS by Coco Song – eyewear that perfectly matches your dynamic attitude to life.