Suffering with this isssue ?

First, understand the possible causes of your symptoms for Dry Eyes.

A chronic lack of lubrication and moisture in the eye occurs when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears or when the tears produced evaporate too quickly.
This may happen for one of several reasons:

·         allergies
·         contact lens wear
·         environmental factors
·         natural ageing of the eyes
·         meibomian gland dysfunction
·         eyelid disease, injury or inflammation
·         hormonal changes eg. pregnancy, menopause, HRT
·         lack of the necessary nutrients such as omega 3 or vitamin A
·         the side effect of medications eg. antihistamines, antidepressants

The good news is that this condition, if diagnosed and treated quickly, does not leave any long term effects.

Treatments involve reversing the effect of dryness, ie. avoiding the cause of the problem, stimulating or supplementing tears and increasing the retention of tears. The eyelid also needs to be cleansed and treated for any inflammation.

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Eye Drops – to supplement the tears
BlephEx®  Treatment – to cleanse the eyelids
Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – to cleanse the eyelids
Blephasteam®  Treatment – to improve the tear film
Meibomian Gland Expression – to unblock the glands
Fish Oil, Omega-3 and Flaxseed tablets – to reduce inflammation

Our specialist Dry Eye Clinic can provide all the resources needed for effective treatment, whatever the cause. We are therapeutically qualified to manage this condition and can help bring you rapid relief from all the symptoms.

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