20/20 Vision

The year 2020 is well underway, but have you remembered to have your eye test to make sure you have 20/20 vision?

Somebody is said to have “20/20 vision” when they have sharp, clear eyesight at a viewing distance of 20 feet.

This measurement, called ‘visual acuity’, is tested using the standardized Snellen eye chart that you can see at all optometrists. This smart chart serves to test what can be seen by each eye at a specific distance and gives your optometrist a good idea of the quality of your vision.

Visual acuity is one of the important aspects of having good eyesight. It examines how sharp and in focus objects appear to you, which involves several major physical and neurological factors. To provide clear vision, the following components of your eyesight need to be working properly:

1. The Cornea and Lens – must focus light accurately onto the retina

2. Nerves in the Retina – need to be sensitive enough to pick up the light signals

3. The Vision Centre in the Brain – has to receive and interpret the information correctly.

This confirms just how miraculous our sight is and how important it is to look after our eyes and overall health to keep everything working together perfectly.

But does 20/20 vision mean perfect eyesight?

Visual acuity is only one aspect of sight. The test is to read static letters that are highly contrasted to their background, while you are sitting still. We need to do so much more than that to see well! What about sudden focusing on moving objects that are coloured, with similar brightness to their background?

This test can indicate your ability to see, ie. your eyesight, but full vision includes aspects such as:

• focusing speed
• image accuracy
• depth perception
• contrast sensitivity
• colour discrimination
• tracking of moving objects.

Insight Optometrists offers complete vision testing and professional checking of every aspect of your eyesight and eye health. Call in today for a friendly chat about your eyes and how to secure your vision through careful testing and any necessary correction.

Aim for 20/20 vision with Insight Optometrists this year!