Many people prefer the comfort and convenience of contact lens fitting to spectacles, while others like to alternate the use of both. Some simply want to change their eye-colour and look.

Your contact lens fitting

At your contact lens fitting we conduct a thorough eye examination to assess the health of your eyes and the suitability of contact lenses for your particular vision problems and lifestyle. We then provide you with a pair of trial lenses for a week or two.

Once it is confirmed that the lenses selected improve your vision, fit comfortably and have no adverse reaction, we will then order these lenses for you – or if there have been problems we will prescribe another type of lens we think may be more suitable.

You may be prescribed either soft or rigid contact lenses at your contact lens fitting, and these may be disposable contacts (daily, weekly, two-weekly or monthly), extended or non-extended wear contacts or long-wear contacts, depending on your particular requirements.

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